Lost in layers
of barely-there clothes
Chasing her cares
in passionate throes

She longs to connect
to something more real
Than what she expects
From monetary deals

She peels pieces back
Knowing what she's lost
And every scar keeps track
Of monumental costs

Shifting stops 

She gathers golden
   shattered shards
Of rhinestone prayers
   and crystal hearts
And wonders when
   and how
   and where

Her life turned
   from whirling
   from twirling
   from swirling
To something suddenly
   so harsh and hard

And suddenly no one expects
More from her than meaningless sex


Jason Kichline said...

Wow. Such as contrast in this poem and the last two lines hits hard. How does innocence get disrupted so quickly? I think it's important to note that there is an escape from that life. That the acts of the body can have meaning, and the experience of life can be abundant.

Nean said...

Ok, I'm not arguing your point, because I agree with what you said. However, how does one begin to convey that answer to someone and offer abundant life to someone who thinks it's all cliche? This is why the pat answers don't work. I wanna show her that there is real and true love with none of those expectations, but how? So... this is what I ponder.

Jason Kichline said...

Out of curiosity, have you read my poem "Arise" - ? Coincidently I think I wrote a corresponding poem to this one since I was addressing those that allow life to kill the soul.

I think it is difficult to convey the truth to someone, especially if they have become so jaded and allowed the soul's fire to dim. Really, you can't convince someone of it, they need to discover it for themselves. I think the best thing you can offer is encouragement, and to believe in that person and tell them they can achieve more.