Surviving Jury Duty

I made it through my first day of jury duty.  It wasn't so bad... Aside from a lot of "hurry up and wait" today, I met a lot of cool people and played spades for hours.  Without little people interrupting every 10 minutes.  Almost got called to trial this afternoon, but didn't make the final jury cut.  So back again tomorrow for day 2.  What will it bring?  More poetry?  Lots of time to think I'm sure.

Morning Commute

I will not slip softly
  into decaffeinated chaos

The delight of dawn
  to the luxury of liquid love
  and steaming strength

The escape to ecstacy
  from blessed bitterness
  and bittersweet beauty
  to voice of divinity
  and caffeinated clarity

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kj said...

Jury Duty=good reading time!