Shining softly in shimmering shifts
As tenderly treasured tresses trail
Graciously gleaning glimmering gifts
In vastly vulnerable avail

... lovely ...

Dignified daring decisiveness dreams
Forgiving the folly of fanatical fools
Listening inside for silent screams
Reflecting the rain of reality's rules

... lovely ...

Silvery soul serenely sings
Possession of poise, poignantly pondered
The brightness and beauty she brilliantly brings
In willowy wandering wings of wonder

... lovely ...

Faithfully found in forests forlorn
Hopefully hosting heavenly hearts
Tasting tears so tirelessly torn
Prophesying peace she patiently imparts

... lovely ...

She's lovely


Nean said...

Two notes about this poem:

1. If you've never taken the challenge to write a love poem to and for yourself, you should try it.

2. This poem is an attempt to define a vague descriptor. Hopefully I did the word some justice.

Jason Kichline said...

Whoa, I was wondering who this was for. I need to reread now since I didn't expect it to be about you!

Jason Kichline said...

I think it is absolutely beautiful! I think my favorite line is "Faithfully found in forests forlorn"... so true! Like one drawn to the allure of getting lost in the deep wood. I like decoding each line in this poem and will probably keep doing that for a while. Your consensus of the poem's name is very accurate.