Carpe Diem!

For New Beginnings

January dawning clear and bright
  Marking end to Silent Night
December's shadow-longing cast
  The false-hope parting come to pass
Seeing worlds before my eyes
  Bubbling laughter -- tearing dry
Pre-occupation last year left
  Errant longing calmed, bereft
The bitter wine poured over time
  Make midnight dreaming more sublime

I don't make resolutions, but I confess to having wasted a lot of energy and time on the pursuit of... nothing in 2008.  I sincerely hope that 2009 proves more productive for me in all areas of my life.  Our time is what we make it.  My wish is to make this year and myself into the things they were created to be.  May I do justice to this gift of a new beginning, by appreciating each and every possibility it presents....

Happy New Year, All!

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