We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Entries...

... to bring you this very special Public Service Announcement ...

Saturday, January 10 at 9PM
Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, PA
will be hosting a special concert
to benefit a special young lady, 
Hannah Garman

For more information, please visit the following sites:
Many others in the area are talking about this too and I don't feel the need to retype all the information since they've already done so quite adequately.

Please forward this post via your own blog by word of mouth.  This child is the same age as my son and is the niece of a former classmate of mine, so this particular cause hits close to home for me.  While I don't know if I will make it personally to this event, I will do my part to pass the word.

Above, all, please keep Hannah and her family in your prayers, as this is a difficult time for all of them.

... and now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts ... 

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