Post-Holiday Blues

This morning I'm tired.  

It seems like for the past several years, the first week of January brings more than just the typical post-holiday let-down for us.  Inevitably someone seems to get sick -- often several of us.  We spend so much time and energy preparing for the holidays and hopping from one gathering with family or friends to the next -- and this often lasts nearly two weeks for us.  

The sleeping and eating schedules are disrupted and there seems to be more than the usual sugar, caffeine, and "junk" consumed.  Even when we try to be conscious of it, it seems to hit hard in our house.  We're so completely creatures of routine in our family, that even the slightest disruption sends at least one member of the family into a melt-down (and yes, it's me as often as the kids).  Now... add a million holiday disruptions and I guess it's no wonder that we end up sick the week after the holiday rush.

And my house is a wreck... and this is no one's fault but mine.  Nothing like trying to clean and reorganize when no one feels well to begin with.

Emotionally speaking the week after the holiday is hard for me too.  I'm surrounded by family and friends for weeks and then we suddenly have nothing.  No celebrations to look forward to suddenly.  It's sad.  Thankfully, this year, I at least have an Over the Rhine concert to look forward to the first weekend in February and a promised weekend away with hubby that we have to schedule.

So, I'm off to decide what to do to get me out of this funk.  I guess cleaning would be a good start if I can get up my energy.

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vickyb said...

Sick? Who's sick? (cough cough). But you're right in that this does seem to be a down time. It always depresses me when family leaves and decorations come down. But we go on, knowing the love is there, just waiting for us to reach out.

And the cleaning will get done eventually. Maybe.

Or not. :)