Like a Radio

for Mel

Her voice whispers over wires
   and she lifts a glass for me
   showing what the liquid means

With words that buzz
   out of static and fuzz
   in my brain's lost and frightened haze

When last we gazed
   face to face
   and caught each other's eye
A decade, since, has turned the page
   and life keeps passing by
Vastly miles separate
   but still our souls connect

With simple phrase
   or whispered prayer
   or bottled sorrows spilled
She's somehow here
   when I'm in need
   an unexpected friend

And after all the time and space
   I find I need to feel
She gives my hand a glass to hold
   and pours another drink

1 comment:

melanie said...

you are too sweet. i read this twice wondering who else you knew with my name.

funny, too, because i feel like i haven't been very present, lately. and yes, for you in particular. but goodness knows i'm always available to share a drink or two...

mwah. it's beautiful. grazie.