"Give me something concrete --
too much shifting sand --
I need to understand,
to believe and not retreat."

Asphalt shimmers in summer's heat;
The air ripples and waves
and the hard surface caves --
what seemed solid just under our feet?

Truthfully, I felt incomplete
Got lost -- unknown and alone
so turned myself to stone
and I don't want it to repeat

Do you really want concrete?
I want to give you more
-- to soften this hard core
and show you underneath.

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Jason Kichline said...

Wow. I love the rhyme pattern and rhythm. But the comparison of "concrete" as being seen as a good thing, and yet a bad thing is so cool. We are dynamic and active beings, yet life wants to pin us down and turn everything good into nouns.

Perhaps that's what we try to do with God. We say "stay put" or "get in this nice and neat box", but really we just disillusion ourselves and think we know God when we only know the dead paper version. But God is Spirit, and we must worship Him/Her in Spirit. We must allow ourselves to become dynamic and free from this earthly slavery.