Sowing and Reaping

Putting on airs
to hide lonely stares

You know you look good
   and you're better than us
And your voice shines like silver
   so you enjoy all the fuss

Act tough enough
No one calls your bluff

You take what you want
   or you think you deserve
And then scoff at the hurting
   with little reserve

You hide in your act
And forget what you lack

Your beautiful wife
   can't begin to compare
With your unreal desires
   of fanciful affair

A lost soul you keep
For a price far too steep

You'll want what you've lost
   those you've put at arms length
When you realize the cost
   in your sense of false strength

1 comment: said...

...and yet, false or now, I envy those who can displace confidence and strength. Why is it that the strong are so often timid and the weak over-confident?